Breakout Belleville


Parties Escape Room and Axe Throwing combo

Host the BEST PARTY yet!!!!!

Escape Room and AXE Throwing  

4-12ppl = $53.25/pp  2-3 hrs of PARTTTTYYYY!!!!

12-15ppl= $53.25/pp 3-3.5 hrs of PARTTTTYYYY!!!

          3.5-4 hrs of PARTTTYYYYY!!!

16ppl=$50/pp       17ppl=$47.05     18ppl=$44.44     19ppl=$42.10

20ppl=$40/pp          25ppl=$32/pp        30ppl=$26.66/pp

35ppl=$22.85/pp       40-48ppl=$20/pp


(booking a party over 16ppl doing both activities will give your group our entire facility just for your group for duration of reservation.)

Axe Throwing Game

Ages? 14+

Dress? Toe covering shoes, and NO HOODIES (pullover or zip up)

Liquor License? YES



Booking for Axe Throwing will only be taken over the phone,

please call 613-779-9888



Groups min 4 players up to 12 player

Groups 13 - 32 players



Escape Room Game

  • Age?  All Ages...anyone under 16 must have adult accompany during game.
  • Dress?  Be comfy.
  • Liquor License?  YES
  • You must arrive 15 minutes prior to game reservation time.
  • Booking times are tight to accomodate all requests. Your Game alloted time, will begin on-time.
  • Cost is $25/pp taxes included (please ask about group rates over 20 people 613-779-9888)

Please call 613-779-9888 for bookings for dates and times that are not showing on our calendars with 5 days notice or more and we will do our very best to accommodate everyone's requests.

Please Note: There is a minimum of 2 players per session per room for all escape rooms.

Down to the BASEMENT- 2-16 spots per session... 2-8 single group option, OR 6-16 competitive group option

Travel Agent  2-4 spots per session

This means you could be grouped with other players should you not book the maximum spots on-line.  Should the minimum of 2 players not be met, you will be contacted and rescheduled for another time session.


Down to the BASEMENT

The old guy living next door always creeped you joked with your family about where his missing wife went.... he told people she was visiting her sister...but you noticed an oddly shaped tomato garden in his back yard. Late last night you arrived home , opened your car door to find him crouched down behind an adjacent bush with a brown paper bag over his head....that's the last thing you remembered before waking up Down in the BASEMENT...…. 2-16ppl single team of 2- 8ppl OR COMPETING group 6-16ppl a game not to miss!!!


NEW GAME!!! Coming March 2019

Travel Agent

You wanna get away.... on that perfect trip you spent hours day dreaming about. All you have to do is visit a Travel Agent to make your travel dreams come true.