Breakout Belleville


Axe Throwing Game


Ages? 14+

Dress? Toe covering shoes, and NO HOODIES (pullover or zip up)

Liquor License? YES


Booking for Axe Throwing will only be taken over the phone,

please call 613-779-9888


  • Only 20 members, first 20 people committed with payment
  • Thursday nights 6:30-9:30ish
  • Oct 11th-Nov29th
  • 7 weeks of self gaining points build up
  • 8th week top 8 people compete in playoffs
  • cost is $120 + tax=$135.60, thats ONLY$16.87 a week
  • 40 throws min weekly


  • Fridays  and Saturdays 
  • No advance booking required however space only based on availability (best to call ahead to check 613-779-9888
  • Shared lanes, 1hr 
  • $19.91 +tax=$22.50/pp

Groups min 4 players up to 8 player

  •  Friday 530pm+/Sat 10am+ CALL 613-779-9888 TO BOOK :)
  • Tues, Wed and Thurs 5:30pm+ / Sunday 10am+  5 DAYS IN ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED 613-779-9888
  • private lanes , 1-2 hrs
  • $25/pp TAX=$28.25/pp  ** BEST RATES AROUND!!**

Groups 12 - 16 players

  • Fri 5:30 pm+/Sat 10am+ CALL 613-779-9888 TO BOOK :)
  • Tues, Wed and Thurs 5:30+/ Sunday 10am+ 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED 613-779-9888
  • Private booking full space, 2-2.5 hrs
  • $25/pp +tax=$28.25/pp *** BEST RATES AROUND***

Groups 17+ players

  • Tues, Wed, Fri 530pm+/Sat 10am+/Sun 10am+
  • private booking, full space call for information
  • MUST BOOK 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE 613-779-9888


Escape Room Games

  • Age?  All Ages...anyone under 16 must have adult accompany during game.
  • Dress?  Be comfy.
  • Liquor License?  YES
  • You must arrive 15 minutes prior to game reservation time.
  • Booking times are tight to accomodate all requests. Your Game will begin on-time.
  • Cost is $25/pp taxes included (please ask about group rates over 20 people 613-779-9888)

Please call 613-779-9888 for bookings for dates and times that are not showing on our calendars with 5 days notice or more and we will do our very best to accommodate everyone's requests.

Please Note: There is a minimum of 2 players per session per room for Doll House and Summer School

The Cabin- 2-10 spots per session

Travel Agent  2-4 spots per session

This means you could be grouped with other players should you not book the maximum spots on-line.  Should the minimum of 2 players not be met, you will be contacted and rescheduled for another time session.





game and description to follow...will be as spooky and fantastic as always!!

The Cabin

The whole family is counting on you to find the deed to your departed uncle Bucks cabin. Can you do it and keep this treasure in the family?

Travel Agent

You wanna get away.... on that perfect trip you spent hours day dreaming about. All you have to do is visit a Travel Agent to make your travel dreams come true.