Breakout Belleville

Escape Room Game

GROUP RATE.....$18 per person for groups 18-22 players(must call 613-779-9888 to book)

  • Age?  All Ages...anyone under 16 must have adult accompany during game.
  • Dress?  Be comfy.
  • Liquor License?  YES
  • You must arrive 15 minutes prior to game reservation time.
  • Booking times are tight to accomodate all requests. Your Game alloted time, will begin on-time.
  • Cost is $25/pp taxes included (please ask about group rates over 22 people 613-779-9888)

Please call 613-779-9888 for bookings for dates and times that are not showing on our calendars with 5 days notice and a minimum of 8 players or more and we will do our very best to accommodate everyone's requests.

Please Note: There is a minimum of 2 players per session per room for all escape rooms.

The Jolliest Bunch- 2-8 spots per session... can be played as competitive group option 6-16 with This side of the Nut House

This Side Of The Nut House- 2-8 spots per session....can be played as competitive group options 6-16 with The Jolliest Bunch

 MarketPlaza & Ms. Foreman  2-6 spots per session

 Should the minimum of 2 players not be met, you will be contacted and rescheduled for another time session.

Check my Nails

TBA- Opens April 2020

MarketPlaza & Mrs. Foreman

9:00am MRS.FOREMAN>> I am looking for a House sitter/ Pet sitter for this weekend. I will pay a great price to the right,responsible candidate. 9:10am YOU>> Hi!! I can do it :) 9:12am MRS. FOREMAN>> Great! I leave today, my address is 268 Front Street Belleville. The door will be unlocked. 9:15am YOU>> Oh! Ok.... can you please tell me about your pets and what all is involved in this sitting job? 11:00am YOU>> Hello? a little info please? names of pets? any info would be great :) 2:34pm YOU>> Hello?? are you getting my messages?? 5:15pm YOU>> Mrs. Foreman? I am unsure what to do here.... I don't want your animals to be waiting and alone, so I guess I will head over to your place. I do wish you had given me more information. 5:25 YOU>> I am going to bring a friend or two with me.... I hope you don't mind, but I am unsure what I am walking into. Difficulty Level : MED - HARD All Ages Fun Please note while children do enjoy helping play these games, all games at Breakout are designed for the matured adult mind. ** recommended a 2-4 player game. Room can host 6 players**

The Pharmacist

TBA- Opens SUMMER 2020

This side of the Nut House

Everything you think you know about Fairy Tales is about to be flipped on its head. You are stepping into a magical story "This side of the NUT HOUSE" is where you have the opportunity to be the HERO. Family Friendly Game.. Difficulty Level : HARD All ages fun Please note while children do enjoy helping play these games, all games at Breakout are designed for the matured adult mind.