Breakout Belleville


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Escape Room Game/AXE THROWING


  • Age?  ESCAPE ROOM.... All ages...anyone under 16 must have adult accompany       AXE THROWING....14 +
  • Dress?  ESCAPE ROOM...Be comfy.      AXE THROWING....toe covering shoes, no hoodies 
  • Liquor License?  YES
  • You must arrive 10 minutes prior to game reservation time. 
  • Please read and sign waiver and wait with your group outside of our facility we will be right with you.
  • Booking times are tight to accomodate all requests. Your Game alloted time, will begin on-time.
  • ESCAPE ROOM.... $20/pp     AXE THROWING....1hour $20/pp 
  • PLEASE BOOK ON-LINE IF POSSIBLE, PayPal, One time credit customer and call to make E-Transfer arrangements.


Please Note: There is a minimum players per session per activity.



$20 AXES

$20/pp 1 hr BEST RATES in town liquor licensed +14

$20 AXES

$20/PP, 1HR BEST RATES in town liquor licensed +14

Bougie Closet 010 *med-hard*

You have been on this guided tour of this actresses house for what seems forever...its dragggggging, so when the group heads outside to see the grounds.... you and a few friends sneak off to see if you can get inside the famous Bougie Closet 010. You get in, but will you get out? 2-4 players

PARTY ROOM "Celebrate Good Times "

A room made for CELEBRATING !!!! Celebration room is THE perfect spot to bring your party.... baby shower, gender reveal, anniversary party, birthday party, gno, retirement.ECT. BRING YOUR GUESTS, LEAVE THE MESS!! liquor licensed, we do encourage you to bring along food and snacks. 1Hr- add to game $100 tax included 2hr- $250 taxes included **online booking 3hr- $350 taxes included**Call to book give us a call, we are happy to make your PARTY PERFECTION!!

Teds Tool Shed *beginner-med*

Step into Teds shed.... You have come to borrow a wrench, you found the door open, called his name... meh, he's always been so helpful you are sure he wont mind if you just step in and grab it. If you can leave you will be leaving with more then a wrench. 2-4 players

The Tavern * hard-expert*

We call upon you agents , as we know you can blend in just like regular people , who are attending a game to have fun. For you new to the Academy, WELCOME!! Agents, we need you to go undercover into a poker game in the tavern and retrieve a bag of stolen $$ 2-8players,