Breakout Belleville


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Escape Room Game/AXE THROWING


  • Age?  ESCAPE ROOM.... All ages...anyone under 16 must have adult accompany       AXE THROWING....14 +
  • Dress?  ESCAPE ROOM...Be comfy.      AXE THROWING....toe covering shoes, no hoodies 
  • Liquor License?  YES
  • You must arrive 10 minutes prior to game reservation time. 
  • Please read and sign waiver and wait with your group outside of our facility we will be right with you.
  • Booking times are tight to accomodate all requests. Your Game alloted time, will begin on-time.
  • ESCAPE ROOM.... $20/pp     AXE THROWING....1hour $20/pp 
  • PLEASE BOOK ON-LINE IF POSSIBLE, PayPal, One time credit customer and call to make E-Transfer arrangements.


Please Note: There is a minimum players per session per activity.



$20 AXES

$20/pp 1 hr BEST RATES in town liquor licensed +14

$20 AXES

$20/PP, 1HR BEST RATES in town liquor licensed +14

Bebe Bakers Birthday Bash

As detectives you are called to the scene of a MURDER. Not only is this a killer BIRTHDAY party...but there is a dead body, weapons', and multiple possible killers...all you know going in is a) this was NOT Bebe's best birthday b) its a party no-one is soon to forget 2-6 players mid-hard range

Bougie Closet 010

**NEW GAME*** You have been on this guided tour of this actresses house for what seems forever...its dragggggging, so when the group heads outside to see the grounds.... you and a few friends sneak off to see if you can get inside the famous Bougie Closet 010. You get in, but will you get out? 2-4 players mid level challenge

Celebrate Good Times

A room made for CELEBRATING Celebration room + Escape Game Teds Tools. 2-8 players FOR LARGER GROUPS...please see party options.

The Tavern

We call upon you agents , as we know you can blend in just like regular people , who are attending a game to have fun. For you new to the Academy, WELCOME!! Agents, we need you to go undercover into a poker game in the tavern and retrieve a bag of stolen $$ 2-8players, mid-hard range