Breakout Belleville

Escape Room Game


  • Age?  All Ages...anyone under 16 must have adult accompany during game.
  • Dress?  Be comfy.
  • Liquor License?  YES
  • You must arrive 10 minutes prior to game reservation time. BYO Face Covering, masks will not be supplied.
  • Please read and sign waiver and wait with your group outside of our facility we will be right with you.
  • Booking times are tight to accomodate all requests. Your Game alloted time, will begin on-time.
  • Cost is $20/pp taxes included
  • PLEASE BOOK ON-LINE IF POSSIBLE, PayPal, One time credit customer and call to make E-Transfer arrangements.


Please Note: There is a minimum of 2 players per session per room for all escape rooms.

 Should the minimum of 2 players not be met, you will be contacted and rescheduled for another time session.



Hey guys! Welcome back... To be as safe as we can for all of us...we will be operating both axe lanes for each time availability... this means we can do up to 10 players per time allotment :) each game duration is 1hr from start time. We have PayPal and if you don't have that, simply scroll down a bit and you can pay as a one time customer :) or give us a shout 613-779-9888 to arrange e-transfer. Cheers and looking forward to seeing you all !!

Check my Nails

You and your friends have come to the hottest Nail Salon in town.... told to pick your color...when suddenly everyone but your group vanishes...leaving you to wonder what is up?? and how are we going to ever escape this Salon?? Difficulty level= mid range, family fun!!

Death Dinner

**NEW GAME***You are invited to a spooky good time.... Death Dinner is sure to be the perfect adventure, so long as you don't end up being the dinner. difficulty= mid range, scary themed

Dr. Cream's Locker

A long lost uncle has passed have heard the stories passed down through your family. All of the speculation and details kept secret. Your parents insist it is just fictional, just a grand story ,spun over the years...but why then did this long lost uncle, leave this locker to you? With keys and a hand written note of only 3 words..... "It must continue"